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Keep in mind that most of these products are off label for goats, but still work effectively to prevent or treat.

 Drench gun: I recommend the Ideal 50cc Megashot syringe with the glass barrel: Get the drench tip too, it can be used for drenching wormer, medication, or probiotics.


Cydectin: (cattle pour on to be given orally at 1cc/20 lbs body weight)

Ivomec cattle injectable 3cc/100lbs orally

Synanthic cattle drench: 2.5cc/100 lbs is label, it is best if double or triple dosed to kill tape worms.

De-lousers: I use Cylence cattle pour on in a stripe down the top line: for kids use 2cc, for animals 50-100 lbs use 4cc's, and for animals over 100 lbs use 6cc's, and for very large bucks use 8cc.'s



Covexin 8: For the Clostridial diseases. 3cc SQ first dose, and 2cc Sq in 21 days, then once annually.

Super Poly Bac B Somnus: for pneumonia prevention: This is a cattle vaccine, and is a 1cc dose SQ for goats, repeat in 14-21 days. It works wonders to protect against Pasturella hemolytica, Multocida, and A6, Haemophilus Somnus, and Samonella.

CL vaccine: There are two types. The Casebac from Colorado Serum Co., the Autogenous from various laboratories. The one that I use is from Texas Vet Laboratories. This vaccine should always be given SQ.

Soremouth: I use the one from the Texas A&M Experiment station in Sonora, Texas. They add new variants to it all the time when break over occurs, and this is a very good vaccine.

Drugs to have on hand for emergencies:

NOTE: Some of these drugs are available through your veterinarian only.

Long acting Penicillin: OTC

Banamine: RX- smooth muscle relaxant, helps with pain, fever, respiratory distress, it is anti-prostaglandin (helps prevent loss of pregnancy due to injury or stress) antiendotoxin (helps to prevent organ damage due to toxins produced by infectious organisms).

Nuflor: RX Drug of choice for pneumonia. 6cc SQ/100 lbs loading dose, followed by 3cc/100lbs SQ per day for 4 days minimum. Cattle regime doesn't work well on goats. They relapse and die.

Epinephrine: used to treat anaphylactic shock. Regular dose is 1cc IM/100lbs. A drop of epinephrine can be put under the tongue of a newborn kid to stimulate heart and respiratory function. When a kid is not breathing, but the heart is still beating after a difficult labor and or delivery, this will save a life.


Thiamin: Vitamin B1, Rx, used to treat and prevent Polio. Any infection, or stress can precipitate death of rumen and small intestine organisms that produce all B complex vitamins. Pathogenic organism overgrowth can occur precipitating polio. I prefer the 500 mg/ml Thiamin injectable.

Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamine: used to treat anemia, appetite stimulant B Complex vitamins: Used for stress and appetite loss due to illness

Vitamin AD&E injectable : Used to combat deficiency due to drought. Goats do not carry a pregnancy well, lactate well, and tend to have retained placentas when there is vitamin A. deficiency. Alfalfa can be supplemented to augment the condition, but often AD&E injection 2cc IM or SQ will speed up the process. The usual source of vitamin A is green forage. Free choice mineral should be available at all times with a 2:1 Calcium Prosphorousbalance. Mineral should contain all trace minerals available.

Selenim deficiency: Selenim products: Rx, MuSE, BoSE

Polyserum: OTC This is antibodies to Actinomyces Pyogenes, P. Hemolytica, P. multocida, Samonella, and E Coli.: Passive immunity to these diseases during illness or injury.

CD antitoxin: Treatment for Enterotoxemia types C&D

Tetanus antitoxin: Used to prevent Tetanus in wounded, castrated, or dehorned animals.

Pepto Bismol-Antacid: Anti-gas, antibacterial: used to treat bloat which is usually Enterotoxemia. It is also used in scours to help prevent dehydration.

7% Iodine: treat, disinfect wounds

Scarlet oil: antibacterial, keeps flies off wounds

Wound Kote: Wound spray that seals wounds to moisture and contamination.

Listerine: used to clean skin for injection, to clean eyes of pus from Pinkeye. Used as general disinfectant, much better than alcohol.

50% Dextrose: OTC for use in pregnancy toxemia and to make Revive Amino Acid Solution (not the concentrate) OTC ingredient in Revive

Cal-Dex: A dextrose product with calcium used in pregnancy toxemia, or milk fever.

Calf Pac: live probiotic product in powder form, that has 5 live organisms and will keep without refrigeration.

Vet Wrap: used to cover wounds

Other Supplies Needed

3cc syringes

12cc syringes

18 gauge needles "or " long

20 gauge needles " or 3/8" inches long

feeding tube

60cc syringe with irrigation tip


This is a list of products and drugs that I use to treat illness and injury. These are things that work for me.


Coni Ross


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